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C/O St Catherines Surgery, 1st and 2nd Floor, St Catherines Health Centre, Church Road, Birkenhead CH42 0LQ

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Brighter Birkenhead PCN (Primary Care Network) was developed in May 2019 under the guidance of NHS England, who required all GP Practices in England to join a PCN by 15th May 2019.  Discussions took place between local practices in Birkenhead and from these discussions Brighter Birkenhead PCN was formed. Below is a brief timeline of how Brighter Birkenhead PCN was established:


March/April 2019
Seven Practices across Birkenhead, which include (Devaney MC, Hamilton MC, Paxton MC, Riverside Surgery, St Catherine’s Surgery, The Villa MC and Whetstone MC) had discussions about working together and becoming a Primary Care Network.
April 2019
After several discussion between practices it was decided all 7 practices will form a local PCN together, we named it Brighter Birkenhead PCN.
May 2019
Each practice chose a representative of a board member who will attend and represent each practice on the board. A deputy board member was also chosen by each practice to cover in the absence of the Board Member, thus ensuring each Practice having a representative at each board meeting. (see below for Full list of Brighter Birkenhead Board Members)
May 2019
The board decided that there was a need for an Operational Lead. This person will work closely with the Board and the Clinical Directors and ensure the smooth business running of Brighter Birkenhead PCN. Paul Warren, Practice Manager from St Catherine’s Surgery put his name forward for this part-time position and the Board agreed to appoint Paul.
May 2019
Agreement officially signed between practices and NHS England agreed and signed of the PCN.
May 2019
A staff engagement event took place between the 7 practices to ensure full engagement and feedback was undertaken for all staff from the 7 Practices.
June 2019
Brighter Birkenhead PCN was officially agreed and signed off by NHS England.
June 2019 onwards
Brighter Birkenhead PCN will endeavour to establish and grow a working partnership between the 7 practices and other local services and providers, which will ensure and produce a high standard of patient care and services provided locally across Birkenhead.

Relevant further updates will be published in our Latest News section on our website.


Meet the Board

Dr Jonathan Cockrell
Joint Clinical Director
Dr Kinnari Kapoor
Joint Clinical Director
Paul Warren
Operation Lead


Board Member
Deputy Board Member
Practice Representing
Dr Elizabeth Charles
Mrs Jennifer Elliott
Devaney Medical Centre
Dr Abel Adegoke
Mr Mark Deevey
Hamilton Medical Centre
Dr Ann Cullumbine
Dr David Lant
Paxton Medical Centre
Dr Robin Selby
Mrs Kerrie Draco
Riverside Surgery
Dr Kinnari Kapoor
Dr Laura Towersey
St Catherine’s Surgery
Dr Jonathan Cockrell
Dr Jenny Perkins
The Villa Medical Centre
Dr Victoria Holbrook
Dr Katherine Gregson
Whetstone Medical Centre
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