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Clinical Pharmacist Team

Clinical Pharmacist Team

Sadie – Lead PCN Pharmacist

I am Sadie, I have just joined the PCN in January 2022 as the lead PCN pharmacist. Prior to this role I have worked as a medicines safety officer and clinical governance pharmacist. I have also been a directorate lead pharmacist for cardiology where I utilised my independent prescribing qualification on an acute coronary care unit.

Our PCN pharmacy team is integrated with Wirral University Teaching Hospital. The aim of the integrated service is to help bridge the gap between primary and secondary care. I work across both sites to help interface pharmaceutical care issues for patients.

One of the PCN pharmacy team’s key roles is delivering structured medication reviews (SMRs). SMRs are an approved clinical intervention to help people who have complex or problematic polypharmacy. SMRs are a comprehensive and clinical review of a patient’s medicines. They are delivered by facilitating shared decision-making conversations with patients aimed at ensuring that their medication is working well for them.


I am one of the pharmacists in Brighter Birkenhead Primary Care Network, I started in this role in March 2021. 

I have an integrated role with Wirral University Teaching Hospital, in which I work some shifts in the hospital dispensary. This combined role allows me to have access to the hospital systems to support patient care which is especially useful during transfer of care for our patients. I have a community pharmacy background which has given me leadership skills, knowledge of over the counter medications and advice, experience of giving vaccinations and the opportunity to provide consultations for patients such as medicine use reviews  

In my current role as a PCN pharmacist I work with other pharmacy professionals as well as part of the wider healthcare team. 

The main elements of my role at the moment are completing structured medication reviews, dealing with medication queries from patients and other members of the healthcare team and completing hospital discharges. 

I am looking forward to completing the pathway to primary care training and also getting involved in face to face appointments, especially medication reviews in care homes.


I am an integrated clinical pharmacist working in both GP practices and at Arrowe Park hospital dispensary. This allows me access to hospital resources, expertise of specialists and provide co-ordinated care and continuity for patients.

I joined the PCN in August 2021. Before this, I worked as a community pharmacist for many years advising patients about their conditions and medications. This has provided me with a good foundation and interpersonal skills, which I can bring and build upon in this role.

In my current role, I work as part of the PCN with other local health and social care providers to support patients, optimise patient care and improve medicines safety. In GP practices, I provide structured medication reviews, resolving medication queries, and optimise medication as part of a multidisciplinary team.

I am also enrolled on the CPPE primary care pharmacy education pathway to continue to develop my knowledge, skills, and experience.


I completed my MPharm degree in 2017 at Keele University. From there I worked in community pharmacy, as a pre-registration pharmacist and then as a pharmacy manager. Through this I developed good leadership skills, knowledge of over-the-counter medications and advice on minor ailments, experience of giving vaccinations, and most importantly I developed my consultation skills. 

I am now one of the PCN pharmacists in the Brighter Birkenhead PCN, where I started in September 2021. I split my time between our PCN office where I work with the other PCN pharmacists, and time in a GP practice, working with the doctors, nurses, and the rest of the team. 

The main elements of my role are completing medication reviews, actioning outpatient clinic letters, completing hospital discharges, and dealing with medication queries from patients and other members of the healthcare team.

I have just started the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway, which should help to develop my knowledge and skills for working in primary care. 


I am a clinical pharmacist. My role is rotational, so I split my time between Brighter Birkenhead PCN and on the wards at Wirral University Teaching Hospital. I am also currently completing my clinical diploma at Liverpool John Moores University which will eventually lead me onto the prescribing pathway.  

Coming from a hospital background, I have experience effectively communicating within a wider multi-disciplinary team to come up with safe pharmaceutical care plans, optimising patient’s medication, and challenging inappropriate prescribing. 

I initially joined the PCN in June 2021 for 4 months on a rotation, but I enjoyed working in GP so much I came back in March 2022 for a further year-long rotation. I am currently focusing on targeting specific patient populations in care homes or those classed as ‘severe frailty’ to ensure they receive their annual structed mediation review. 

The benefit of this role is that it helps to bridge the gap between primary and secondary care services and therefore improve quality of care for patients. It is a role I am passionate about and am proud to be a part of.  


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