Clinical Pharmacist Team

Michelle – Lead PCN Pharmacist

I am the Lead Pharmacist for the Brighter Birkenhead Primary Care Network.

I have an integrated role with the hospital trust, which gives me a unique opportunity to work across the interfaces of primary and secondary care to enhance patient care and improve medicines optimisation for our patients.

The role of the pharmacist is varied and continues to develop as our expertise in medicines is utilised to work together with the other roles in the Primary Care Network to address the needs of the patients who require our support, including those who are frail, have frequent hospital admissions, are at risk of falls and medicines related harm.

I lead a team of pharmacists and technicians and my plans are to work alongside the Operations Manager to direct the work of the PCN pharmacy team to deliver structured medication reviews and other initiatives to develop the medicines optimisation agenda, improve medicines safety and work holistically to meet the needs of our patients.

I am a prescriber and my particular areas of interest are cardiovascular disease, frailty and care homes and anticoagulation.


I am one of the pharmacists in Brighter Birkenhead Primary Care Network, I started in this role in March 2021. 

I have an integrated role with Wirral University Teaching Hospital, in which I work some shifts in the hospital dispensary. This combined role allows me to have access to the hospital systems to support patient care which is especially useful during transfer of care for our patients. 

I have a community pharmacy background which has given me leadership skills, knowledge of over the counter medications and advice, experience of giving vaccinations and the opportunity to provide consultations for patients such as medicine use reviews  

In my current role as a PCN pharmacist I work with other pharmacy professionals as well as part of the wider healthcare team. 

The main elements of my role at the moment are completing structured medication reviews, dealing with medication queries from patients and other members of the healthcare team and completing hospital discharges. 

I am looking forward to completing the pathway to primary care training and also getting involved in face to face appointments, especially medication reviews in care homes.


I joined the PCN pharmacy team in March 2021.

I am an integrated pharmacist at Wirral University Hospital working in the primary care. This role is hugely beneficial at bridging the gap between primary and secondary care and improves the transfer of care for our patients.

Prior to this role I worked as a community pharmacist and then moved into the hospital setting and worked across various specialities.

As part of the PCN my role is centred around patient care and education, medicines optimisation and working with other healthcare professionals to give patients a full 360 degree care.

Currently I am working towards achieving my Non-medical prescribing qualification.  My areas of special interest are Nephrology and Cardiology.

Louise – Pharmacist Technician

I am a Senior Pharmacy Technician for Brighter Birkenhead Primary Care Network.

My role as Technician is to provide a comprehensive pharmaceutical service to the Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Fountain Trust, GP practices within our Network through the implementation of an efficient medicines management system to ensure patients get the right medicines at the right time and are appropriately counselled to ensure they get the most out of their medicines.

I support and work alongside a multi-disciplinary team within the Primary Care network to ensure efficient medicines optimisation processes are being followed.

I will support to implement efficient ordering and return processes and reducing medication wastage.

Within the GP practices emphasis will be on follow up of discharged patients, audit work, cost improvement and medicine reviews. Communicating with GPs, carers and patients regarding medicine issues identified.

I also participate in the training of junior members of staff.

My role integrates with the Hospital Trust which gives me a special opportunity to work across the interfaces of primary and secondary care to enhance patient care and improve medicines optimisation for our patients.