Cancer Care Coordinators


Hi, my name is Jenny and I am one of the Cancer Care Coordinators for Brighter Birkenhead.

Let me tell you a little bit about my background in healthcare. I started my NHS journey working at the Countess of Chester Hospital within the Jubilee Day Surgery centre as a Healthcare assistant. Here is where I really developed a passion for supporting individuals and helping their needs.

I then a few years later progressed with my career and started working at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre as a Chemotherapy Support Worker and I was based at the lovely, very busy, Halton clinic. I would help support all the nursing team deliver chemotherapy and immunotherapy to the patients. A big part of my job role (and most importantly) was supporting all patients and their families.

I moved on from here a few years later to be able to gain more skills and experience in other aspects of patient care and I joined the Hopefarm Medical Centre and became part of their patient service team.

I am extremely passionate about patient care and helping in any way I can with their needs, even if it is just something simple like putting a smile on their face at the end of the day.



I completed my Nurse training at Clatterbridge General Hospital in 1978 and thereafter was appointed to the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist for Breast Cancer at Wirral Hospital Trust in 1998. During this time, I gained a greater understanding of the nature and disease process of breast cancer and developed an insight into the fears and anxieties faced by patients and their families regarding future uncertainty. This worthwhile engagement enabled patients to feel empowered to identify the resources and support that would facilitate their resilience and overall adjustment.

In 2009, I was appointed to the role of specialist clinical nurse practitioner at the Marina Daglish unit at Aintree University Hospital. Myself and fellow nursing colleagues developed and established a nurse led breast symptomatic outpatient service for cancer and non-cancer patients in 2011. 

I returned to Wirral in 2014 after being appointed to the post of specialist nurse practitioner at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. My role was managing the care and treatment of patients with primary and secondary breast cancer. With additional medical support and academic study, I was able to complement the role of medical colleagues within the outpatient setting by completing the non-medical prescribing module. This was advantageous to both the patients and medical colleagues as it enabled actions to be taken in a responsive and timely manner, whilst maintaining the ethos of a holistic and individualised approach to patient care and ongoing treatment.   

Whilst I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop and progress in my nursing career, being appointed to the role of cancer care coordinator will allow me the opportunity to explore patients concerns and anxieties with utilising the HNA framework as a conversation starter to identify the individual’s support needs to facility their process of adjustment and physical recovery in a meaningful and complete manner.