Physicians Associate


Qualified in 2018 as a Physician Associate (PA); the role now renamed ‘MAPs’ (Medical Associate Practitioners), was initially developed to fast track the training of doctors during WW2, and later to utilise the training and skills of ex-military corpsmen returning from Vietnam.

I am not a doctor or a nurse but a new healthcare professional.

Much like a GP I maintain generalist knowledge of adult and paediatric medicine.

I can diagnose, treat, and manage many patient’s aliments autonomously but with supervision from a consultant, GP, or senior registrar doctor (ST3 or above).

My background is within A&E, paediatric, and general surgery as a qualified PA.

Prior to this, I held 6 years of employment within management and capital accounting/ insurance for the British Armed forces in Germany and UK local government.

During my studies I was employed as a Health Care Assistant and secretary for psychological veteran’s therapies.  I also volunteered for St John Ambulance as a first aider and befriending service for an inpatient mental health unit.  I had five years of under/post graduate medical training  including clinical rotations, and achieved MSc of Physician Associate studies, and BSc Medical Science degrees. Both thesis’s involved NHS service improvements on Procalcitonin and management of sepsis, and NHS equity for service users.

Whilst I undertook pharmacology and therapeutic studies as part of my training, I am unable to write prescriptions, or request ionising radiation. Instead I am able to review medications and advise patients/prescribers in line with local and national guidelines. As of 2019, the GMC has agreed to regulate the profession which will enable us to have prescribing rights; hopefully towards the end of 2022.

Since joining the team at Brighter Birkenhead in February 2021, my passion is to advocate for the Physician/Medical Associate profession by supporting to develop the role. I am also collaborating with PCN, community, and hospital colleagues to improve services for people with frailty. The aim is to support our patients to remain active, healthy, and independent within the community for as long as possible.

For more information about the profession or updates on our regulation please follow the hyperlinks.